Expressing Yourself Through Design : 6 week series

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Expressing Yourself Through Design : 6 week series


Age: Middle School
Date: six Thursdays from August 29 - October 3, 2019
Time: 4:30 - 6:00pm
Location: Studio Birdsong

How do we express ourselves through design in a way that represents our true self? The social media era has caused us to brand ourselves as how we want to be seen, not who we really are.  In this after school design series, we create a personal logo (or “mark”) that highlights the things we like most about ourselves and represents our true nature.  Just as a successful brand conveys a company’s values and creates an emotional connection with the customer, your mark will do the same with those around you.

We begin with exercises to help think through what we stand for and which design elements and style best reflect that.  Participants learn typography basics, characteristics of effective logos, color palette development and complimentary pattern design.  Each participant will leave with their very own mark which can be made into a stamp and used for stationery or on other personalized items. In the final session, we present our marks and the meaning behind them, and enjoy a special surprise to celebrate our unique selves!

This workshop series reminds us that art is a powerful way to tell stories, including the stories of ourselves. Through type, design, pattern and color, we can tell the world who we are. 

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